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A Brief appeal to the corporate for execution of works under CSR


Indian Railways becomes true to its epithet “lifeline of nation” in meaning and spirit by being integral part of everyone’s life in India. It is the foremost organization of India which makes significant impact on the daily life of every person in one way or other. Any development /backwardness in Railways manifest the development / backwardness of the country.

Railways cater to the needs and requirements of our society. Large number of people’s lives in our country revolves around railways. Its stations are the most visited places of the regions by general public. Consequently, their sanitation/cleanliness and proper upkeep become the responsibilities not only of railways but other non-railway players including public and the corporate. Similarly, if afforestation and rain water harvesting are done on vacant railway land, it can help improve the local water table.

Under CSR, the corporate can come forward for their philanthropic activities in Railways and return a share of their profits to society in form of their benevolent works. Railways provide a very good opportunity for CSR related works which can have maximum impact on society, especially to marginalized and poor sections.

I appeal your esteemed organization to come forward and join us as a part of fulfilling your CSR objective towards execution of works related to environment sustainability, sanitation and passenger amenities in Railway premises.



Additional General Manager

West Central Railway, Jabalpur


Source : West Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 16-08-2017