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We hardly intend to miss the opportunities to see the Museum, Palaces, Forts, Ancient remains of socio-religious and cultural structures besides the Natural Beauties, whenever we happen to visit a city or town for the first time, whether within the country or it is in the abroad. This shows our eternal inherent quest to know the yester-efforts of our ancestors who may be either the ruling leaders or patrons of the time or those being the ruled - the engineers, the architects, the craftsmen, the guilds and the artisans.

This awareness page of WCR Heritage is intended to acknowledge and pay soulful homage to the efforts of our forefathers who are silently lying in the layers of present form of this beautiful civilization. As some benchmark, pre-independence heritage items, both movables and immovables have been attempted to present but shades of some of the post-independence items have naturally appeared for completion and continuity of illustrations.These items have been put in juxtaposition with those of Bombay, Baroda, and Central India Railway’(BB&CI), now Western Railway and ‘Great Indian Peninsular Railway’ (GIP), now Central Railway of which West Central Railway was carved out.

This will encourage our readers, engineers and users/customers to compare and identify analytically the unique Heritage features of the existing items developed by then available resources, skills as well as the local constraints of the British Indian and Princely State Railways.


Bombay, Baroda &Central India Railway


Great Indian Peninsular Railway

Photo Gallery

Station Buildings Of Older Times

Bridges Of Older Times in WCR

Instruments Prevalent in Earlier Times

Steam Locomotives

Source : West Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 26-04-2017