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Collective Railway Board Circulars/HQ guidelines on GST implementation


GST Daily Feedback to

Rly Board-2018

GST Accounts letter-2018

 Review and certification  of ITC Flagging RBA80
 GST Training/Handholding Sessions

Railway Board Circulars on


 Data entry GST output Tax/input tax (RBA80/2018)
 RBA_84_2018 (GST Training sessions)
 RBA_87_140818 ( GST-Action to be taken before Sept.2018)
 RBA_89_2018 (Training for trainers in GST Rules)

 GST_C_27_2018_ Implementaion of GST exemption (as applicable) forTransit Cargo Nepal_Bhutan
 GST_C_28_2018_GST on auction of unclaimed items
 GST_c_29_2018_ Booking & Transport of rail manufactured by SAIL

Source : West Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 04-09-2018