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Passenger Ticket Booking


  1. Platform Tickets:-

As a rule, passengers only are admitted to station platform but Station Masters, have discretion to admit a limited number of passengers. At certain stations, notified by the railway Administration concerned, platform tickets are issued on Rs. 5 per person. The issue of these tickets, however, limited according to a capacity of the platform accommodation. They are valid for two hours from the time of issue which will be indicated on the platform tickets and these must be given to the ticket collector on duty when the holder leaves the platform. No refund can be allowed, on platform tickets which have not been used.


  1. Unreserved ticket

Passengers can buy their unreserved journey tickets from unreserved ticket windows at stations and at JTBS. The windows of unreserved tickets are opened round the clock.


Click here to see the list of JTBS


  1. Reserved tickets

Passengers can get their advance/current reserved journey tickets from Passenger Reservation Centres and Rail Travel Service Agent (RTSA). You can get e – tickets and i – tickets through internet, click here to get the link of internet. You also can book your advance reservation ticket through your mobile by registration on the website of IRCTC. click here to get the link.


Passenger Reservation Centres (PRS) are working 8:00 am to 8:00 pm over West Central Railway. Click here to see list of stations of West Central Railway where you can get your advance reserved tickets.


  1. Current reservation tickets

Passengers can get their reserved journey tickets from current reservation counters for the vacant berths after preparation of reservation chart.


  1. Tatkal tickets

Considering the urgency of the journey, railway has provided a scheme of taktal tickets on payment of certain premium charges known as the tatkal charges. Passenger can book tickets under tatkal quota one day before (10:00 am) the date of originating of the train. At the time of booking of tatkal ticket , a self attested photo ID of the passenger undertaking the journey is to be submitted alongwith the reservation form.


Note: During journey passenger has to carry their ID card in original. Passengers without original ID cards may be treated as passenger without ticket.


Source : West Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 23-01-2014