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What is passenger amenity?

Facilities which are provided to passengers at station as well as on trains.

How the category of station is classified?

The category of station is classified on the basis of originating annual passenger earnings. The categorization is done as under:-

Category                     Annual passenger earnings

A1            -                 Above Rs. 60 crore.

A              -                Above Rs. 8 crore upto Rs. 60 crore.

B              -                Above Rs. 4 crore upto Rs. 8 crore.

C              -                All suburban stations.

D              -                Above Rs. 60 lakh upto Rs. 4 crore.

E              -                 Below Rs. 60 lakh.

F              -                 All halt stations.

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Source : West Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 05-04-2017