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The journey by train may involve a considerable time span which may be from few hours to few days. A passenger is not expected to carry food for such long journey. Hence Railways feels a responsibility that the passenger travelling by train gets wholesome, tasty and regional food at reasonable rates. In order to provide this amenity; this Railway has 9 refreshment rooms at important stations of WCR. In addition 6 food plazas and various catering stalls/trolleys are operative which caters to the need of travelling passenger to provide fresh food, a-la-carte dishes and packed food items.


Click here to see the rate list of A-la-carte.


Click here to see the menu and rate list of standard meal.


Click here to see the name of the stations where various type of catering units are available.


Click here to see the list of trains having pantry car passing over West Central Railway.


A Catering Services Monitoring Cell (CSMC) has been established at Board, Zonal & Divisional level for Redressal of public grievances, where you can lodge your complaints and suggestions regarding catering services.


Toll free number for registering complaints at CSMC at board level is: 1800-111-321


You can also lodge your complaint through SMS on these mobile numbers also: -

Jabalpur division  09752419999

Bhopal Division  09752416996

Kota Division  09001081777




Source : West Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 05-04-2017