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Commercial Department

At zonal level, Commercial Organization is headed by Chief Commercial Manager (CCM). CCM is responsible to General Manager for the efficient working of the commercial Department. He is assisted by officers in different grades at the zonal and Divisional levels.

At Divisional level, Senior Divisional Commercial Manager (Sr. DCM) is the head of commercial department. He is responsible to Divisional Rail Manager and to CCM. He is also assisted by various officers in division.

The functioning of commercial department of West Central Railway is broadly divided into two sections on the basis of nature of work. These sections are as follows:

1.Freight marketing

2.Passenger services

Freight Marketing: All the work related to transport of goods, parcel & luggage etc. comes under the freight marketing section of commercial departments. In addition claims and refunds related to freight traffic are also dealt by this section. 

Passenger Services: All activities related to passenger like ticket booking, reservations, enquiry, passenger amenities at stations, ticket checking, catering/ vending services etc. are dealt under this section. Under the CCM, Chief Commercial Manager (Passenger Services) heads this section in assistance with other officers. 


Source : West Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 30-08-2017