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Role of Personnel Department

  • Personnel Department takes care of the human factor striving to get the best result from workers by developing their capabilities.
  • Personnel Department Officers will relieve the departmental officers from the task of management of employees of his department to the extent possible so that he can concentrate the functioning of his/her department.
  • Personnel officer will also be receptive to suggestions given by departmental officer on transfer to maintain efficiency and discipline.
  • Personnel officers are also Welfare Officers who will co-ordinate various Welfare activities such as Sports activities, management of Holiday Homes, Institute, Co-operative societies, Canteens etc.
  • Personnel officer should see that legitimate interests of the workers are protected.
  • Personnel officers take utmost care in maintaining industrial peace, keeping good relations with trade unions and help in maintaining congenial atmosphere for smooth working. They play an important role by providing the required expertise in maintaining industrial relations by liaison with the technical executives.

     Productivity depends on technological factors and job performance. Job performance is based on morale and motivation of our workers towards their works.  Motivation of workers can be judged by their attitude towards the objectives of the organization. Management should be vigilant towards the attitude of the workers and should analyse the causes for negative approach of the workers in their performance. Management has to analyse and diagnose the needs of the workers for the purpose of achieving organizational objectives by maintaining close contact with the workers. Role of Personnel Department becomes very vital in this perspective.

Source : West Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 24-04-2017