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Transfer List

Operating ALP Own Request In Coming

Operating ALP Own Request Out Going

Operating ALP Mutual

Operating ASM and others Mutual

Operating ASM and others Own Request In Coming

Operating ASM and others Own RequestOut going

Commercial group D in comming

Commercial group D Mutual transfer

Commercial group D Out going

Engg Department Staff In Coming

Engg Staff Mutual Transfer list

Engg Staff Out going staff list

Medical Department group-C Staff In Coming Transfer list

Medical Department group-D staff In Coming Transfer list

Medical Department group-C staff Mutual Transfer list

Medical Department group-D staff Mutual Transfer list

medical Department group-C staff list Out going

medical Department group-D staff list Out going

Stores Department Mutual Transfer List

Stores Department Own Request Outgoing List

Operating Guard Incoming
Operating Guard Outgoing
Operating Guard Mutual
Commercial Ticket Collector Incoming
Commercial Ticket Collector Outgoing
Commercial Ticket Collector Mutual
Personnel CSWI  Outing
Personnel Ministrial staff  INCOMING
Personnel Ministrial staff  OUTING
Personnel Ministrial staff MUTUAL
Rajbhasha INCOMING
Rajbhasha OUTGOING
Rajbhasha MUTUAL
Commercial Booking Clerk Incoming
Commercial Booking Clerk  Outgoing
Commercial Booking Clerk Mutual
Commercial ECRC Incoming
Commercial ECRC Outgoing
Commercial ECRC Mutual

Mech JESE Mutual


Mech Technician Mutual

MEch Technician IC

Mech Technician OG

Stores DMS IC

Stores DMS Mutual

Stores DMS OG

Stores Group D IC

Stores Group D Mutual

Stores Group D OG

Stores Ministrial Staff IC

Stores Ministrial Staff Mutual

Stores Ministrial Staff OG

Operating P-man,St In Comming

Operating P-man,St Mutual

Operating P-man,St Out going

Electrical Gr-D Incoming
Electrical Gr-D Mutual
Electrical Gr-D Outgoing
Electrical SE Incoming
Electrical SE Mutual

Electrical SE Outgoing

Electrical technician Mutual
Electrical technician Outgoing
Electrical technician Incoming

Engineering Group  D Incoming

Engineering Group  D Mutual
Engineering IOW Group  D Outgoing
Engineering P.Way Group  D Outgoing

Engineering technician Incoming

Engineering technician Mutual
Engineering technician Outgoing
Personnel Incoming Gr C

Personnel Outgoing Gr C

Personnel Outgoing Gr C Chapra

Source : West Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 28-08-2017